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Disorganized closet

A creative way to get organized is to hold a yard sale with fellow apartment dwellers!

When it comes to apartment living, creatively maximizing your space as key. We tend to accumulate all sorts of things over the years, from clothing we never wear to mementos that get lost over things, especially if we stay in one spot for awhile. If you find yourself needed to get rid of a lot of stuff while spring cleaning, and want to have a yard sale, but you’re apartment doesn’t have a yard attached, don’t worry. You can still find ways to sell your things while experiencing apartment living. Try these tactics on for size.


In some areas, it’s not uncommon to see people sell their things on the street by their building, essentially having a yard sale. While you can do this, it is important to make sure that your complex allows it and it is legal in your area first.

The Internet

There are so many ways to sell your stuff on the internet. These include eBay, Amazon, Craigslist, and more. In many cities there are even specific yardsale social media pages dedicated to people selling their stuff. Try making a Facebook status first and see if anyone you know wants to buy whatever you’re selling first. That way you may only have to interact with someone you know and trust and get whatever you need to get rid of off your hands in a flash.

Donate Your Stuff For A Tax Deduction

If you have a few things you would like to get rid of, but not enough to host a giant yard sale, you can always donate items for a tax deduction. Then you don’t have to go to the trouble of hunting down buyers on social media or spend hours of your life sitting outside in the sun. However, according to tax law, everything donated must be in good condition.

Use A Friend’s Yard

If you have got a homeowner friend or family member with a yard, see if they’ll let you make use of it for a yard sale. Maybe they even have stuff of their own they would like to get rid of, and it will become a joint event. Inviting others to sell and maybe even making it a community event helps to get the word out.

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