Taking Inventory

Inventory for your Apartment

Writing an inventory list will not only help you find things when you move but will help you file renter’s insurance claims!

Anyone who has ever packed up some boxes to move to a new place knows what a stressful experience it can be. But there is one way you can cut down on the time to acclimate yourself and the stress of trying to find everything you need: by using an inventory list. If you are an unorganized person, this may be the time to enlist someone else’s help or a handy spreadsheet application on a phone or computer. Now that you have a direction, let’s get this thing started!

What Do You Mean Inventory?

Just as managers in retail stores inventory their items, you should be writing your own inventory for your home. Not only will this list help you get and stay organized in your home, but you will need it for your renter’s insurance company, your moving company, and to help unpack yourself into your new home.

Benefits of an Inventory Beyond Moving

There are three ways this list can make your life easier: determining how much insurance you will need, taking stock of what you own, and to simplify filing claims.  Renter’s insurance covers the contents of your house or apartment. If your inventory will help determine how much coverage you need. Have you ever went to the store and bought something you loved, only to discover that empty spot you thought you had is taken up by something else? We all do it, we all forget about things we have. But with an inventory, you’ll be able to find everything you have and figure out if you need to get rid of that old table with the broken legs. If your home is broken into or hit with a natural disaster, your renter’s insurance will need an inventory anyway. This will help you cross reference all of your valuables with the list so you can figure out what has been taken or destroyed.

Where to Start

If you are moving or planning a move, this is a great way to keep track of your stuff. If you don’t plan on moving, this could still be an extremely useful tool to have. To make a list you will need a spreadsheet or notebook. To make an inventory while moving, write a brief description of the item on your list along with the make and model of the item. You will also need where and when you purchased the item as well as the price. It doesn’t have to be extremely accurate, just an approximation. Take the item number and look it up online for the estimated value of the item. If you have receipts for the items, keep them in a safe place or scan them onto a computer. Take a picture of each room with the items in it. Next categorize the list by rooms: kitchen, bedroom, living room, etc. This will help you when moving and if something is stolen or damaged. As you pack items, tick them off on the spreadsheet and do the same as you unpack to ensure nothing is damaged or became lost in the move. Make sure to label your boxes to make unpacking easier.

If someone in your life is an organizer, make copies of the list and ask them to hold onto it for you. Keep the master list at home in a safe place. If you saved a digital copy, place the file into Cloud storage so it will be accessible if the computer is lost or damaged. Your inventory list will make your life much simpler when moving or in the event of a break in!

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