The Best Plants for Apartment Life

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Discover the best apartment plants for your lifestyle.

If you are living in an apartment but want to start your own garden or simply add greenery to your living situation, then adding some plants can be a great way to do so. In fact, there are certain plants that can really thrive in an apartment. The reality is, apartment dwellers can still have their greenery despite potentially having a lack of outdoor space. Ultimately, finding the perfect plants to add to your apartment can really transform the entire space for the better. Here are some of the best plants to incorporate into your apartment design.


This specific leafy green is typically considered an easy plant to care for. In fact, if you happen to have space to hang plants, then these are the perfect fit for your apartment. Ultimately, these types of plants are known for their air purifying qualities which makes them a great addition to any home — especially an apartment. For the most part, these specific types of plants are able to survive in a wide variety of lighting conditions which is why they tend to be the ideal get for any apartment dweller. The reality is, these plants are an excellent addition to your small space.

The Snake Plant

As some of the most tolerant plants out there, the snake plant is always a great addition to any apartment. In fact, these plants will still be fine even if you forget to water them for weeks. The reality is, if you’ve never owned a plant before, then the snake plant might be the perfect one for you to invest in when it comes to adding greenery to your apartment. Ultimately, these plants are great for any novice plant owner.

The Iron Plant

Just like the plants above, the iron plant is also a great addition to any apartment. In fact, iron plants are known to add a very visually striking aesthetic to the space itself. The reality is, these plantsare great in low lighted areas which can be perfect for a small apartment space. Ultimately, these plants don’t require that much attention, water and are very low maintenance.

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