The Do’s and Don’ts of Moving in the New Year

Moving Tips

Don’t forget the Do’s and Don’ts of moving into your new apartment.

The New Year brings new change for many people all over the world. But are you truly ready for the move to come? Moving can be challenging even if you have moved a thousand times before. But let’s talk about the do’s and don’ts of moving into your new apartment.

Do Get to Know the Apartment First

We aren’t talking about looking around the hallways on your first visit to the property. We’re talking about check out your floorplan. Talk to your Harborside Village Leasing Agent about how your apartment will be laid-out. Make sure your apartment will be large enough to hold any furniture you have. Ask for the dimensions of the apartment as well as the hallways and doorways of the apartment building and elevators. If it is possible, see if you can get into the new apartment to take pictures and to measure for yourself. Measure the floor area to ensure your new apartment will fit your furniture, shelving, and décor.

Don’t Put Off Packing

Countless blogs and people will tell you to start packing as soon as you find an apartment, and you should! Anyone who has ever moved knows how horrible packing is. One of the key ways to get organized during a move is to pack early. Start by packing all of the nonessential items like out-of-season clothes, linens, and kitchen supplies first. In the days leading up to the move, shift your focus to the essential stuff like in-season clothing and furniture.

Do Read the Rules

Before moving, make sure you read the rules including the stuff about moving. Are you expected to move within a certain timeframe? Can you use a freight elevator or do you need to use the stairs? Talk to your landlord or building manager before the move so you know what to expect and who to talk to on moving day.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Moving is not an easy task and it isn’t something you should expect to handle by yourself. Enlist friends and family to help make the moving process fun and easier for you. Get your friends to help and your parents to pick up any essentials you may forget along the way or need.

Moving into a new home should be fun, make sure you decorate it and set up your new apartment as your own as soon as possible. For more information on moving today, call Harborside Village Apartments!

Happy New Year From Harborside Village!

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