Tips For Growing Succulents In Your Apartment

Check out these tips for growing succulents in your apartment.

Check out these tips for growing succulents in your apartment.

Plants are taking over apartment decor everywhere, as they add life and color to any space. Succulents are even more popular, as they typically don’t need as much care or water to stay alive. Continue reading to check out a few tips on growing plants and succulents in your Harborside Village apartment!

Succulent Care

Succulents are plants that store water in their stems or leaves, which allows them to survive a long time without water. Most succulents thrive in bright light and are perfect to hang near windows or on the window sill. Green succulents do best indoors, including Roseum, Aloe Vera, Panda Plant, and Snake Plants to name a few.

Since succulents store their own water, they don’t like to sit in water and need soil and containers that allow drainage. Be sure to use cactus soil or a soil mixture with sand, gravel, or volcanic rock for good drainage. You don’t want to use plastic or glass containers, so opt for ceramic pots with drainage holes instead.


While many people have a hard time keeping plants alive by forgetting to water them, succulents have the opposite problem. In fact, succulent death by over-watering is much more common than under-watering. Before watering, test that the soil is dry. Most succulents in smaller pots need water once a week, while larger pots may need water twice a week.

Types Of Indoor Succulents

  • Snake Plants: These plants are perfect to keep near your bed, as they release oxygen at night to help you breathe easy as you sleep.
  • Crown of Thorns: This succulent is bright pink rather than all green, and likes dry indoor environments and room temperatures.
  • Aloe Vera: This houseplant is one of the most beneficial, as it is known for its medicinal purposes. You may buy aloe vera from the store to apply to sunburn and scrapes, but having fresh aloe vera right in your home is even more convenient.
  • Panda Plant: For those who want something different and unique, a panda plant may be the perfect succulent for you. It got its name from the small, fuzzy leaves, with brown markings along the edges.

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