Trick-Or-Treating Safety Tips for Apartments

Halloween Trick-Or-Treating

When trick-or-treating this Halloween, use caution and keep an eye on your children when walking your apartment complex.`

Many people assume trick-or-treating is only for people in individual homes. But why should the people living in apartments miss out on all the fun? There are some differences between trick-or-treating in individual homes or in apartments. So let’s take a look at some safety tips before getting your children ready for apartment trick-or-treating!

Picking the Costumes

There are many different outfits to choose from for your little ones, but there are some things you should look for when choosing your child’s costume. Make sure the outfit is flame-resistant. This is an important tip because your child could become hurt if they brush against a Jack-O-Lantern. Look for costumes without masks. Masks make it hard to breath, see, and hear. It can also make it hard for you to identify your child in a crowd. Also avoid costumes with props that could make it difficult to hold their bag and the prop. Wear comfortable shoes and make sure their outfit fits properly so they don’t trip.


If your apartment has a newsletter, ask the editor to post an ad for trick-or-treaters so parents know who is participating. Have the participants leave their outside light on and decorate so the kids know where to go.

Accompany the Kids

Even if you live in a relatively safe complex, you should always have a chaperone accompany your children while trick-or-treating. If there are a lot of kids going, divide them into groups with two or three adult chaperones. If older kids want to wander by themselves, make sure at least one of them have a fully-charged cell phone.  Set a cut-off time for your kids to ensure they are able to get home safely. Many parents tell their trick-or-treaters to be home by eight or nine o’clock in order to check their candy before bed time. This gives them ample time to be home before mischief makers take over the streets. Kids are very trusting. Let them know it is not alright to enter anyone’s apartment even if they know the person.

When trick-or-treating with a group of children, your child may feel the urge to follow the group. Put something on them that you could pick out of a crowd like a reflective hat, multi-colored shoes, or tights. These will make it easier for your child to be picked out of the crowd and also seen from afar. Use caution when getting your children ready for their evening out and as always have fun!

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