Turning your Apartment into a Valentine’s Day Dream

Young attractive happy smiling couple celebrating life event witThe first couple weeks of February have dragged on in anticipation of Valentine’s Day. Whether you are single and spending a night out with friends, or enjoying a romantic night in with your sweetie, it’s time to get those plans finalized. For the apartment dwelling couple, making your space feel special can be a struggle. With a few easy tips, you can turn your apartment into the hottest Valentine’s Day spot in town.

Give your apartment a cleanup

The smartest way to give your apartment a Valentine’s Day makeover is to clean it like it’s never been cleaned before. Your date has probably seen your clutter and mess more than a few times, so the effort you put into cleaning won’t go unnoticed. It’s a nice gesture and goes a long way in setting the right mood. A de-cluttered apartment has a lot of extra room for those little design touches that will turn your space into a real date-night dream.

Create ambiance

Lighting is the key to making your apartment feel more romantic. If you don’t have dimmers, drape some fabric over your brightest lamp and use a few candles to add an extra spark. Think about using some strategically placed flowers as an added touch of color and scent.

Once your apartment is tidy and inviting, set up a nice eating space. For your Valentine’s Date night, skip the couch dinner and give that old dining table a spin. Consider picking up a nice tablecloth if you don’t already have one and set the table before your date arrives. This will make it clear that he or she is in for a special evening.

Cook a delicious meal

Even though your apartment kitchen may be on the small side, you can manage a meal for two. If you don’t already know, find out what kinds of dishes your date finds delicious. Cook something that suits your skill level and that you feel comfortable making. You might learn that your date’s favorite food is something you’ve never made before. Consider doing a practice run to raise your comfort level.

Finally, make sure you take your date seriously. Wait until after dinner to start a movie, keep your cell phone out of site, and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Even though your apartment might seem like a challenging environment for a Valentine’s Day dinner, it is simple to turn it into the perfect setting for a little romance this February 14.

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