Using Small Spaces

Reading nook

Use that blank space as a reading nook or for some great storage!

When you are decorating a new house or apartment, sometimes filling the spaces are a bit like pulling teeth. If you are like many other people out there and don’t measure, it can be hard to figure out something that works in that awkward blank canvas. But when you find that one piece that fits just right, it can be rewarding. So here are some ideas of what to fill that space in with!


I know that seems so simple, but sometimes all you need is a special reading chair to make the area perfect. If you have a space outside of your TV area that you have no idea what to do with it, make it a designated reading nook. Get a comfy chair, a small table for your coffee or tea, and some pillows and throws. It is the perfect way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon.


Never underestimate the power of shelving! You could purchase a book case at your local thrift shop or use some floating shelves to give it a modern look.

Office Space

With a small chair or storage ottoman as well as a small desk or shelf, your home office is all you need to get the work done from home. You’ll be so much more productive than working on the couch or in bed that your boss will be happy to let you work from home.

Mini Man Cave

Upcycle an old cart or truck into a bar, just add liquor and you have the perfect set up. This one is technically for both the men and women but I figured men would like it more. Note: since bars are traditionally on wheels, you could also use the wall space to double as storage for glasses or more bottles.

Art, Mirrors, and Lamps

These things can all be placed on the walls. Every house could use another cool lamp to brighten up a room and another piece of art. Art serves as an eye break while you are working on your home computer, watching TV, or playing a video game. Your eyes will be drawn to it no matter how many times you stare at it. Pick something that is peaceful or a poster from your favorite band or movie. A mirror can add length and light to any room. And sometimes all you need in your house is a mirror to add just the right amount of fresh air.

No matter how you fill the spaces in your home, make sure the area fits with your style and is just the right piece for you. If you are shopping on a budget, thrift stores and yard sales are a great way to give something a new life and to save it from the garbage dump.

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