Customize Your Apartment

Custom touches to your apartment

Adding paint to furniture is a great way to customize your living space!

While apartments are always generic, they can be just the opposite. But with a little hard work and some custom touches, your apartment will feel like the home you’d always wanted! So here are some tips on how to customize your Harborside Village Apartment.

To The Walls

Most apartments come with off-white paint. It is quite standard, but it can be too plain for many residents. Rather than stare at plain walls all the time, think outside the box. Instead of hanging family pictures in boring frames, try pinning them to a faux clothes line. The pictures will look great and can be swapped out to match the seasons or holidays. If the faux clothes line isn’t your style, try a cork board. Another way to jazz up the walls is to use vinyl stickers. These stickers have gain popularity in recent years and can now be found everywhere including the dollar store. These stickers will add a touch of whimsy as well as a pop of color to your boring walls.


In recent years, many apartments have been switching from off-white wall-to-wall carpeting to laminate floors. But like most people, laminate flooring is just too cold for places like the living and bedrooms so why not try an area rug? Area rugs are cheap and can be changed if they occur stains or wear. They will also add just the right touch.

Never Underestimate Paint

We aren’t talking about putting paint on your walls, although some landlords might as long as you paint them back to the original color before moving out. We are actually talking about painting your furniture. Painting a few choice pieces of furniture can add just the right amount of color to a space. Purchase a few tables from the thrift store or even IKEA, then sand and prime it before selecting your new color. To add height and space to your rooms, try painting the frame to that thrift store mirror. This will help brighten the room as well as add color.


If you are one of those people who cannot remember to grab their stuff before leaving their house, let’s help you get organized! If your apartment has a large entry way, try adding a table to store all of your necessities like keys and glasses. If your entry way is too small for a table, use colorful memo boards for those items as well as storing mail, lists, and daily reminders. Closets are also a big place to add in some organization. Use space bags and bins to the clothes you don’t often wear. Keep sheets in a separate closet or in bags under the bathroom sink. Your bins can even add a pop of color to your closet.

With these ideas and some personal touches, your apartment will feel like your home in no time!

Harborside Village Luxury Apartments

Luxury apartment living is easy in Harborside Village Apartments are beautiful waterfront luxury apartments located on the picturesque Gunpowder Cove! To contact Harborside Village, please give us a call at 410-679-1130 or send us an email at [email protected]. You can also request a brochure to learn more about life at Harborside Village on our website!

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