What To Look For During an Apartment Inspection

Learn what to look for during an apartment inspection.

Learn what to look for during an apartment inspection.

Before you move into your new apartment, it’s important to do a thorough inspection of every room. You want to look for any problems in your rental so your landlord or management company can fix anything that is broken or in bad condition. Continue reading for a checklist of what to look for during an apartment inspection.

The Basics

First, you want to check that the basic necessities in your apartment are operating correctly. This includes the electricity, smoke detectors, and heating and cooling systems. Flip all of the light switches on and off to ensure they work properly, and check each outlet by plugging in your phone charger. Your apartment is required to have at least one smoke detector, and it’s crucial to ensure that it’s working properly. Next, inspect the central air system by turning on the heat, then the air conditioning. If you have radiator heat, your landlord may be able to turn them on, depending on the time of year. Other basics include windows, doors, walls and ceilings, and the flooring. Take note of any scratches and damages throughout the apartment, and document the current state to prove that you did not cause the damage.


Next, you’ll want to take a good look around your bathroom to ensure all the appliances work correctly. For example, make sure the toilet flushes properly, the shower has decent water pressure and reaches your desired temperature, and the sink does not have any water leaks. Older apartments may be susceptible to mold and mildew in the bathroom, so be sure to document any issues and inform your landlord.


Once again, check that all appliances are working, including each burner on the stove. Take a look in the refrigerator- if the unit is not brand new, you should make sure that the fridge has been cleaned completely and no stains or smells remain. Open each cabinet to ensure they are easy to open and close and look for signs of bugs, as they like to go where the food is kept.


Lastly, take a look around the bedroom for any signs of damage on the floors, walls, and windows. Be sure also to take a look in the closet and ensure the shelves and clothing rack are sturdy, and the closet door is easy to open and close.

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