Winter Melting Means Spring Flooding

tools every apartment dweller should have

Apartment living means knowing who to call in case of an emergency.

While the spring officially begins next week, here in Maryland we are just getting over our first burst of real winter! For those lucky enough to enjoy the full benefits of apartment living, such as parking lot snow removal, there are still precautions to make. When the weather fluctuates in such an inconsistent way, flooding is a common problem, even in apartments. Here are a few helpful tips in case the warmth of the sun is causing snow and ice flooding in your place!

Find the Source

The cause of your flooding problem may not necessarily be due to the weather, and also may be entirely out of your hands. But even with apartment living, you should roll up your sleeves and try to find the water source. This may be as simple as turning off the water supply or stuffing towels under the doors to various rooms throughout the apartment to keep water out — but regardless, the first step should always be to locate the source and to stop the flow. If you need special permission from your building manager to turn off the master valve, be sure to notify them immediately.

Know Who To Ask Contact

After you’ve done your best to stop the water flow as much as possible, know who in your building is available for help. It may be the apartment manager or designated maintenance crew, but you’ll need to notify them as soon as possible to help clean up the mess or, in a worst-case scenario, get you and your family out of apartment. There are still inherent dangers that come with water leakage, so be sure to remove all the electrical devices and valuables away from any wet area. If you have time, set up fans and lay down towels, but not at the cost of get the water out of your apartment. If the water is coming from outside, grab your valuables and evacuate the area immediately until your building manager assures you that it is safe for you and your family to return. Unfortunately, once the coast is clear, your building may need to have water damage remediation done in order to prevent mold and severely damaged materials from becoming hazardous. Make sure to snap photos of anything that may have been damaged, in case you’ll need to provide proof for insurance claim.

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