Learn How to Baby-proof Your Luxury Apartment

Luxury apartments are ideal for young families; you have all of the amenities that you and your children will love combined with enough space for everyone. Some young families who opt to move into their luxury apartments, however, include some very, very young members. In order to ensure your baby’s safety and happiness, baby-proofing your apartment is a smart idea. So where exactly should you start? Harborside Village has a few tips for you to follow.

Once your baby starts to crawl, almost anything at floor-level is fair game for them. Think about the things that could potentially be harmful if left uncovered: electrical outlets, sharp furniture corners, wiring. These things pose the biggest threats to your baby, but luckily, there are easy ways to make them safe. Baby-proof outlet covers can cover up outlets that are not in use, and you can also buy special corner guards for your furniture that will cover up those sharp edges. As for wiring, keep as much of it off the floor or tucked behind furniture as you can, and for the rest, you can secure it to the wall with a layer of painter’s tape.

The kitchen is an area of your apartment that is probably very highly-trafficked, yet it also presents many risks for your little one. Baby locks are a simple solution to keep your child out of cabinets, drawers, and the refrigerator. As for smaller appliances, such as coffee makers, toasters, and blenders, keep them stored on high countertops or in overhead cabinets so that your baby cannot find them. The same goes for the bathroom- anything dangerous, such as medicines or chemical cleaners, should be stored out of reach.

The best way to keep your baby safe in your apartment is by supervising them, but that being said, babies have a way of getting in trouble even if your back is only turned for a moment! Create a play pen area with your child’s favorite toys so that if you need to run to the door, answer the phone, or check on dinner in the oven, you know they will be safe and sound for those few seconds on their own.

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Baby-proof your apartment

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