Unexpected Visitors? Here’s How to Speed Clean your Apartment!

With the holiday season coming up, you’ve got to be prepared for anything. An extra couple at Thanksgiving dinner? Got it covered! Running out for Christmas presents at the last minute? No problem! Relatives wanting to stay the night? Def—wait, that might pose a problem. If you get that spur-of-the-moment call asking if a family member or friend can come stay a night earlier than expected, then you may have to bust out some of these top tips for speed cleaning your apartment- read on to find out more!

Speed Clean your Apartment Speed Clean Your Apartment: A Crash Course in Cleanliness

While it’s never ideal to have to rush through your cleaning process, sometimes, it just happens to be necessary. The best way to tackle a rushed apartment clean-up is by focusing on highly-trafficked rooms and the messiest individual areas, such as appliances. Start out with…

The Bathroom: For overnight guests, your number one priority will be ensuring there are clean towels available and that everything is disinfected and free of soap scum. While you’re waiting for the towels to get out of the dryer, multitask and wipe down and scrub the toilet, sink, and shower.

The Kitchen: Focus on appliances that might be used, such as the microwave. To quick clean that, utilize steam! Add a half-and-half mixture of water and vinegar together in a bowl and microwave it for five minutes to let the steam from the water loosen caked-on splatters and the vinegar to deodorize the interior of the microwave. Vinegar can pull double duty in the kitchen as well- leave a bowl out overnight and say goodbye to funky food smells!

Everywhere else: Half of looking clean really lies in looking organized. Recycle old newspapers, toss takeout containers, and straighten the throw pillows, and you’ll be amazed what a little straightening up can do for the overall look of the room! Make sure no books are askew on their shelves and that chairs are pushed in under tables and desks as well.  Light a fresh scented candle to give the whole apartment a welcoming aroma and voila! You are ready for anything, even unexpected visitors.

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