Pros and Cons of Living with a Roommate

Harborside Village Living with a Roommate

Life with a roommate can be difficult, but also very rewarding if done right.

Living with another person can be very rewarding, but it can also be a challenge if you and your roommate don’t mesh. For some people, having a roommate just makes sense. For others, the lone wolf lifestyle is preferable. Before you choose, there are some pros and cons of living with a roommate to consider to help you decide.


Split the bills

This is easily the most common reason anyone considers living with a roommate. It can free up extra money for both of you by splitting the cost of rent and utilities. In addition, it’s easier to afford a nicer apartment with a dual income.

Split the chores

Having a roommate can help keep things running smoothly and lighten the load for both occupants. Feeding pets, running errands, and weekly chores can all be divvied up so it doesn’t fall on just one person.

Never be lonely

It can be difficult to spend a lot of time alone. With a roommate, there is someone around often to keep you company. You can support each other and enjoy quiet nights in with a good movie and some popcorn. This can even be another way to save money. If you enjoy hanging out with your roommate at home, you won’t want to go out as much and spend extra cash.


Financial irresponsibility

If one or both of you are financially irresponsible, it’ll be a nightmare to get the bills paid. Everyone has heard a horror story about a roommate that never paid their fair share but kept living in the apartment on the other renter’s dime, so it’s a good idea to vet any potential roommates as much as possible so you don’t end up paying for two people. Another issue is extenuating circumstances that cause someone to lose their income. Whether they’re fired or they get laid off, if they lose their income then they can’t continue to help with the bills, leaving it all to the other occupant to cover until they find another job.

Different ideas of clean

Another roommate horror story is the one about roommates who don’t believe in cleaning. If you have different ideas about how cleaning should be done, how often, and how thoroughly, you might run into problems. If you’re a stickler for throwing out things as soon as they’re bad or not useful, you might struggle to share a space with someone who leaves their expired food in the fridge for months. Laying out ground rules can help with this, but as always it’s good to know your roommate’s personality and habits as much as possible before committing to co-habitation.

Lack of privacy

Even if your roommate is your bestie, you will still want them out of your hair sometimes. Things can be difficult when living with a roommate, such as bringing your date home or trying to get some quiet solo time in to read or study. Just like with cleaning and chores, outline ground rules for times when you will need to be considerate of each other so both occupants can live in harmony.

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