How to Be the Best Apartment Neighbor Possible

When you move into a luxury apartment community in Harford County, you will be living in next door to a whole host of potential friends. But living in close proximity to other people may be a new experience for you, so how can you learn what the best neighborly practices are? Read these tips from the Harborside Village Apartments and you’ll find out!

goodneighborsBe the Best Neighbor You Can be in your Luxury Apartment Community

The first step to being the best neighbor you can be can (and should!) be done the day you move in: Introduce yourself! No doubt move-in day could be a little hectic and overwhelming, but taking the time to introduce yourself to your immediate neighbors (and committing their names to memory) is a great way to make a good first impression. What’s even better is that these neighbors, who have lived in the community longer than you have, might be able to answer your questions about the best nearby places to go for dinner, what the best time to use the fitness center is, and so on!

Being a good neighbor also means being a respectful one. If you are entertaining guests late at night, be considerate of your noise levels and try not to form a disruption to other residents’ routines. It will make a world of difference in how well you get along with your fellow Harborsiders!

Your consideration can extend beyond just “keeping it down.” If a neighbor is going out of town or is dealing with an emergency, offer to water their plants, collect their mail, or do another favor for them. The gesture will be appreciated, and you never know when you may need your neighbor’s help in return!

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