What are the benefits of celebrating Valentine’s Day at a waterfront apartment?

Valentine's Day best waterfront dinner locations in Maryland

On Valentine’s Day it’s a challenge to make Valentine’s Day Dinner reservations if you don’t make early reservations. But what if you could enjoy Valentine’s Day on the waterfront without schedule Valentine’s Day dinner reservations? There’s a way. You can enjoy waterfront living just in time for Valentine’s Day.

When you live in a waterfront luxury apartment, you don’t need to wait for an open table to have a delicious and romantic Valentine’s Day Dinner. Think steakhouse dinner with a bottle of wine of champagne. If you’re not the best chef, you can always hire a professional chef to cater your special Valentine’s Day Dinner.

Enjoying dinner on the waterfront can help you show your significant other just how special he/she is to you without saying a word. The quality time you reserve for your significant other right in the comfort of your place goes beyond words to show appreciation.

Setup your dining table for two with a little wine tasting here and there. Take in the beauty views of the waterfront and be sure to take a picture.

Remember for Valentine’s Day intimacy is key. You don’t have to go on a romantic getaway to enjoy Valentine’s Day. You can have a good time right in your waterfront community at our luxury apartments of Harborside Village. You will also only be minutes away from great restaurants in Aberdeen if you decide to go out for entertainment beyond your living corridors.

No matter what you decide to do, you cannot go wrong with a three-course dinner (veal chops, mushroom tarts and beef short ribs are perfect Valentine’s Day foods) or breakfast in bed the day after Valentine’s Day.

If you decide to have your Valentine’s Day Dinner at your Harborside Village apartment, here are some tips for setting up your Valentine’s Day tablescape:

  1. Layer up your table fabrics to enhance the luxurious appeal of your waterfront apartment. The best tablecloth layer combination is table sheets with quilts. You can add your table place mats on top (don’t forget napkins and napkin ties). You can purchase most of these items from the dollar store.
  2. Arrange flowers in your favorite wine glasses and scatter chocolate treats around your flower arrangements. A candle centerpiece will truly create the romantic setting.

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