Winter Storm Safety: The Benefits of Luxury Apartment Living

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There’s over 10+ inches of snow on the ground. You’re ready to sip on a cup of hot chocolate and warm your feet up by the fire. You sit at the TV and listen to a weather report about more snow, sleet and ice coming. You’re frustrated because the power went out a day ago. Is this the luxury living you were waiting for?

We think not. You can experience real luxury living by  living at a luxury apartment like Harborside Village.

At Harborside village we help our residents survive winter storms like winter storm PAX in style. We provide excellent apartment home maintenance so you can keep  your family safe during severe winter weather.

With our excellent luxury apartment home  maintenance staff, we keep you warm and dry during the cold winter. Our luxury apartment home maintenance staff will shovel the sidewalks and roadways at the apartment complex. We have a generator to provide you backup electricity when necessary.

Here are other great benefits of living in luxury apartment homes:

  1. You’ll reap the benefits of upscale living everyday.
  2. You will have access to modern apartment amenities  such as a fitness center and clubhouse.
  3. You’ll have your very own parking space.
  4. Green apartment living such as convenient recycling.

Haborside Village has some of the best waterfront apartments in Joppa, Maryland.

See our full list of community features and amenities today.

We want to make your apartment living as stress free as possible. By identifying your needs, we will have the opportunity to successfully accomplish operational goals that provide you better living.

Enjoy community features and amenities such as 24-hour emergency apartment maintenance, public transportation, and residential referral programs today.

To learn more about the benefits of living at Harborside Village, please give us a call at 410-679-1130 or send us an email at [email protected]. You can also request a brochure to learn more about life at Harborside Village on our website!

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