Helpful Tips For Travelproofing Your Apartment Home 

home office harborside villageBefore embarking on your winter vacation, securing your apartment home is essential. This includes locking all doors and windows, turning off electronic devices, unplugging kitchen appliances such as Keurig coffee makers, and more. By travel-proofing your apartment home, you can rest assured that your belongings are safe and your home is secure while you’re away. Keep reading to learn more about how to travel-proof your apartment home.

Travel-Proof Your Apartment by Securing Your Doors & Windows

Securing your apartment before leaving for a vacation is essential to ensure that your belongings remain safe inside. Even living on the second floor, you should secure your apartment patio doors and ensure that every window is tightly closed and locked. Although Harborside Village takes pride in being a safe and family-friendly community, it is always important to secure your apartment home to provide maximum protection for your belongings while you are on vacation. Furthermore, locking up your apartment home can help keep humid drafts outside while maintaining a consistent temperature indoors.

Arrange Care for Your Pets

If you plan to go on vacation, ensuring that your pets are properly cared for is vital. Although Harborside Village is a pet-friendly community, we recommend that you arrange appropriate care for your pets through a family member who can house them while you’re away or through a professional board and care service. This will ensure that your pets receive the necessary care and attention while you are away and your apartment remains secure. Additionally, you can have peace of mind knowing that your pets are in good hands and being cared for by a responsible individual.

Keep Your Thermostat Set to an Appropriate Temperature

Many people turn off their thermostats before going on vacation to save money on bills. However, doing so can cause harm to your apartment as well as to your neighbors. You should set your thermostat to a suitable cooling temperature, between 75 to 77 degrees, while you’re on vacation to prevent your apartment from becoming too hot in the summer heat. This will ensure your apartment is comfortable to return to and help avoid potential damage.

Unplug Electronic Devices and Appliances

It is crucial to unplug electronic devices and kitchen appliances that are at risk of causing an electrical fire while you are away. We highly recommend unplugging alarm clocks, Keurig coffee makers, toasters, crockpots, and any electrical device that will not be used while you are gone. This simple step can help protect and secure your apartment while you are on vacation, and it can give you additional peace of mind about the security of your apartment home.

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