Tips for Decorating Your Apartment, Part 2

Harborside Village Apartment Decorating Tips

Add décor to your apartment to keep it from being too sterile and create a beautiful and welcoming home.

It can be difficult to come up with ideas for decorating your apartment due to the restrictions of renting. You might not own the space you live in, but you are living in it, and you should be able to feel like the space is yours and reflects you just as much as anyone else. Luckily, there are a lot of ways you can update your apartment without losing your security deposit.

Area Rugs

Area rugs can tie a room together and really make a space feel like home. These are a great option for renters because they protect the floor beneath them while creating a defined area amongst the repetition of the wall-to-wall-flooring. Area rugs aren’t just for hardwood floors. Put them over carpet, vinyl, or tile to protect the floor below and spruce up your space.

Throw Cushions

If you want a little embellishment without going overboard, there’s nothing better than some nice throw cushions. Add these to your couch, your sitting chairs, and your bed to easily showcase your style on furniture that is otherwise drab and uninteresting. Throw cushions are readily available and inexpensive, so they’re perfect for a design on a budget.

Change the Hardware

Doorknobs, sink handles, and showerheads can all be changed out for pieces that cater to your own design sensibilities. Carefully remove the old hardware and simply install yours. Make sure to keep the old hardware somewhere safe and reinstall them when it’s time to move out. After all, you might want to install your beautiful hardware in your next place.

Change the Blinds

Plastic, horizontal blinds are the bane of every renter’s existence. They’re not nice to look at and they’re probably broken, so why should you be stuck with them? Get different blinds, add curtains to your windows, or do both to give your home a beautiful look both inside and out. Decorating your apartment shouldn’t be limiting, don’t be afraid to change out what you can to make it feel more like home.

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