A Look at the Home Design Trends of 2022

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Start the new year off right by choosing fresh interior design pieces that are on trend for 2022.

Start the new year off right by choosing fresh interior design pieces. 2022 is all about renewal and getting in touch with our roots. Nature is a big theme with shades of brown and nature-inspired materials like stoneware. Graceful, elevated outdoor seating is also trendy. Find something new to freshen up your interior design in this blog! 

Carved and Sculpted Furniture

Let your furniture speak for itself. In 2022, sculpted and carved pieces of furniture are making a statement. The pieces do not have to be strange-looking but can be classy and graceful. What you want to find is something that complements the decor you have and will not become an eyesore. Try to find something in neutral colors to ensure it will outlast your design styles for years to come. Wooden, stone, or any material inspired by nature will be exceptionally trendy.

Take a Cue From Nature for Details

With nature-inspired interior decoration, you can create a down-to-earth vibe that calms you throughout the day. Over the last two years, all of us have been itching to spend more time outside. This way, you can enjoy some of the beauty of nature without going outside. The materials that shine in this design are stoneware, terracotta, marble, and travertine.

Shades of Brown

The colors you think of when you think of nature of green and brown, maybe blue. Brown is an excellent color for interior decoration because it comes in warm, neutral, and cool tones without being too oppressive. As a neutral color, brown goes with most interior decoration styles. Design is about representing you and your home. Dark browns are very grounding, while colors closer to beige or tan can bring light into your design. Brown makes an excellent accent color, especially with different shades. Try a few throw pillows in different shades of brown to see how you like them. 

Outdoor Seating with Tall Standards

Elevated outdoor seating is a design trend that screams lightweight. Simple, modern, and lightweight, elevated outdoor seating is perfect for small get-togethers. Easily put away and simple to clean, elevated seating is a design choice that will make your life easier. 

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