How to Find Your Dream Apartment This Year

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Find your dream apartment this year at Harborside Village Apartments.

Few things can be as thrilling and scary as planning to move to a new place. You get the chance to get the perfect fit for your needs, but to do so requires a good share of work and time. Finding your dream apartment is possible, but the task can seem a little daunting with so many things to consider before signing a lease. Here’s a list to help you focus on the seven most important things to consider to find your dream apartment.

Location, Location, Location

You’ve surely heard of this one before. The property’s location can be the most important aspect to consider, as this will dictate many things, including how long you spend sitting and waiting in traffic. A place close to work, classes, or that excellent restaurant you love has an extra value.

Important tip: Make sure to consider the amount of traffic during rush hours. When comparing low and high traffic circumstances, the time to go from one place to another can triplicate. Tools like Google Maps can help you compare estimates to make an informed decision.

The Perfect Layout

The distribution of an apartment has a real impact on making a place useful or not for your lifestyle. Different apartments can be designed with the same amount of square footage with separate rooms for each purpose, while others show a more open concept. Find the layout that will meet your needs and provide you with the comfort you’re looking for.

Make an Evaluation

When touring the apartment, make sure to take notes of the property’s conditions. Write down the details that pop to your attention, even if they are minor imperfections, and take photos if you can. If there’s any damage, this will help you discuss it with the landlord, who should also take notes.

Amenities and Fees

If you’re looking to have a gym in the building, do the laundry in your unit, or need a spot for your car, the amenities offered are essential when looking for your dream apartment. Also, knowing how they handle utilities, services and their pet policy are little things that need to be considered.

Check Your Budget

You might have found the perfect place, but can you afford it? You need to review your budget and check if it’s possible for you to rent the new apartment comfortably or if you need to consider a roommate. Also, compare the price with similar properties to ensure it aligns with the area’s average.

Act Quickly

The rental market can move fast, so you need to be prepared to act on the spot when you find your dream apartment. Make a plan and have the logistics in mind, so you don’t have to let slip a good deal due to unpreparedness.  

Read Your Lease Carefully

Reading the fine print can save you from problems in the future. Make sure all relevant information like service fees, lease term, monthly rent, and previous conditions is included in the contract. Make sure to have all your questions answered before signing the paper.

Let Us Be Your Apartment Home!

Whether you need your very first apartment home or are relocating to the area, Apartments of Harborside Village would love to be your dream apartment home. Are you looking for beautiful waterfront apartments in Joppa, Maryland? Let us show you one of our spacious and affordable apartments at the Apartments of Harborside Village. To learn more about our residence options, visit us online, give us a call at 410-679-1130, or email us. For a peek into what it’s like to live in our community, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube.

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