Tips for Living with Roommates

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The first time you live on your own, you may not be able to afford to live alone. Here are some tips for living with roommates.

The first time you live on your own, you may not be able to afford to live alone. Here are some tips for living with other people, no matter how many. The more roommates you have, the more communication is necessary to keep the lid on the pot. Your roommate dynamic matters, especially if it is more than one person. Keeping your apartment in tip-top shape, make sure to organize your space as early as possible. It will make decorating easier and keep your possessions separate, at least in the beginning. 


Interior design is something fun all roommates can have fun doing. Decorating your space is what makes it yours. In the communal areas, try to bring the different design styles into your place altogether. You can also go for a simple design style that is separate from your individual styles. Feng shui and minimalism have rules to their design that can help decide in what direction you go. 

Chore Wheel

Arguments between roommates are usually about chores. Avoid the potential for fights by planning who does what ahead of time. It is popular to use a chore wheel, either with the ability to choose the chore at random or not. Choose a day every two weeks or once a month when you will switch chores. 

Schedules are Your Friend

Depending on the size of your space, scheduling group activities or quiet times during work hours may be difficult. Picking a day for a monthly roommate meeting, like every first Sunday morning or whatever works for you, will keep a space open for communication. Even if there are no issues, make it a group activity.


Basic boundaries are essential for any relationship. Whether you are living with strangers or old friends, you should establish some boundaries. For example, one person can buy the groceries for everyone at one time or divide space in the fridge so you can complete your own food shopping. If a pet is involved, define the responsibilities. If it is a dog, decide if everyone in the apartment should help walk and feed it or if it should be the owner’s sole responsibility. If it is a cat, decide how often and who will be emptying the litter box. Add them to the chore wheel!

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