Neighbor Friendly Workouts for Your Apartment Living

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After designing your apartment to fit your needs, choosing a neighbor-friendly workout will help you become integral to your community.

After designing your apartment to fit your needs, choosing a neighbor-friendly workout will help you become integral to your community. Building community in your apartment complex is all about how you treat that community. Timing your louder workouts to after-work hours and keeping the noise at a minimum is a respectful way to let your neighbors know you care. 


Yoga is a solitary or group workout that you can complete in silence or with a guided class. Someone like Adrienne on Youtube can lead it, or you can do it with a friend. However, you practice your yoga routine; all you need is a mat or carpet and a block if you use one. At Harborside Village, our spacious floor plans allow you to design your living space. Whether you tuck your yoga mat away or build a permanent home gym around it, your home is yours. 

High-Intensity Circuit Training

A few years ago, the 7-minute workout was a huge trend. Today, there are high-intensity workouts all over the internet that can be done in the comfort of your own apartment. Most of them are about 30 minutes. Even without dumbbells, a high-intensity workout doesn’t have to be long or noisy to be effective. Repetition and switching up your exercises is an effective way to build strength and tone your body. These workouts tend to take up little space, which makes cleaning your apartment much more manageable.  

Resistance Bands and Other Tools

If you choose to use equipment while you workout, there are several options. Resistance bands are great because they have no opportunity to make noise even if you drop them. The other tools you can use are a yoga ball or dumbells. Dumbells should be lightweight if you want them to be noise-resistant to appease your neighbors. Lighter weights can be very effective in toning your muscles with extra repetitions. The beauty of working out at home is not dealing with other people’s sweat on equipment. Now, you can just wipe your dumbells down after your workout, put them away, and be done with it. If you are looking for an apartment with the space and natural light to give your activities a peaceful vibe, check out Harborside Village. 

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