Implementing Feng Shui Decorating Practices into Your One Bedroom Apartment Home

feng shui decorating

We can help guide you through the process of implementing feng shui decorating practices into your one bedroom apartment home.

At Harborside Village, we can help guide you through feng shui decorating practices that’ll maximize your space in your one-bedroom apartment home. Feng shui is utilized by interior designers to help create a personalized living space that implements interior design principles to create an effortless flow throughout your apartment home. While one to two-bedroom apartment floor plans may seem complicated to implement feng shui decorating practices, it’s relatively straightforward to incorporate. We can help guide you through the process of implementing feng shui decorating techniques into your one-bedroom apartment home with ease.

Create Separate Spaces in Your One Bedroom Apartment Home

At Harborside Village, you don’t have to compromise on space with our spacious floor plans available. Feng shui decorating practices harness the belief that it’s essential to create separate areas within your apartment home for designated activities. For example, you’d want to separate your living room from your den to create a balanced flow between active and passive spaces. You can implement feng shui to create separate spaces between your den and living space by incorporating a screen divider, free-standing bookshelves, or even a decorative storage bench to serve as a divider between the two rooms.

Bringing Feng Shui into the Bedroom

Traditional feng shui interior decorating practices indicate that you’ll want to create an effortless flow between your bedroom and workspace. If possible, separate your bedroom from your workspace. Your bedroom should be your designated place to relax, unwind, and find peace at the end of your workday. By separating the two spaces, you can enjoy your bedroom as solely your place of rest. Additionally, move any storage from underneath your bed into your apartment closet to eliminate clutter from your sleeping space.

Maximize Light with Indoor Plants in Your Apartment Home

Lastly, you can optimize the feng shui throughout your home by brightening up your living space with lots of natural light. At Harborside Village, our apartment homes feature windows on each side of your apartment, meaning that there’s plenty of opportunities to open your blinds and let an abundance of natural light in. Additionally, by investing in indoor plants, you can help contribute to growth within your home. New to the Harborside Village community and interested in viewing our one-to-two bedroom apartment homes? Contact us today!

Let Us Be Your Apartment Home!

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