Ways to Create an in-Home Office in Your Apartment Home

in-home office

All you need is a little bit of creativity and the motivation to carve out your own in-home office nook in your apartment home.

Whether you’re living in a one-bedroom apartment or two-bedroom at Harborside Village, there’s plenty of space to create an in-home office that’s guaranteed to leave you feeling productive and ready for the workweek. With a little bit of creativity and the motivation to put in some effort to carve out where you’d like to craft your in-home office nook, we can help get you started. At Harborside Village, you can get the best of both worlds between your workspace and playtime with all of our amazing amenities. Here’s a few ways you can create your in-home office space in your apartment home.

Your Apartment Homes Living Space Can Double as an Office

Living alone? If so, you can consider improving your living space by having it double as an in-home office! Research shows that placing an in-home office inside of your bedroom can lead to a lack of productivity and digital distractions when it’s time to wind down at night. By creating an in-home office space within your living room, you can maximize your productivity by ensuring that you remain focused on your work throughout the day instead of being tempted to slip back into your bed.

Use a Walk-in Closet as an Office Space

If you’ve got a spare closet or you’re utilizing a dresser for clothes storage, consider creating an office space in your closet. You’ll want to opt for a narrow, low-profile desk that has enough room for your laptop or desktop with seating available. By taking advantage of space that you aren’t using, you can ensure that you have a quiet seated space available to work on a daily basis. Additionally, when you’re finished with your work day, you can close your closet door!

Implement a Seated or Standing Workstation

Nowadays, plenty of retailers offer workstations that double as a seated or standing desk. You can check out your local HomeGoods, IKEA in White Marsh, or even online through Wayfair to find your choice of desk. Additionally, seated or standing workstations are often narrow desk spaces which work well in smaller apartment homes. This can help ensure that you make the most of your living space while having a stylish workspace!

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