Decorating and Designing Your Kid’s Bedroom in Your Apartment Home

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As a family-friendly apartment community, Harborside Village has a few fun recommendations for decorating and designing your child’s bedroom to make them feel right at home.

As a family-friendly apartment community, Harborside Village has a few fun recommendations for decorating and designing your child’s bedroom to make them feel right at home. When dreaming up your child’s perfect bedroom, perhaps you’ve thought about incorporating a consistent theme throughout their room that inspires creativity. Or, maybe you’ve thought about decorating your child’s bedroom to be a place of designated rest and relaxation after a day spent enjoying the summer sunshine at our spacious outdoor pool. No matter what you envision, Harborside Village can help you design your kid’s bedroom with these helpful tips. Read on to learn more!

Your Kids Bedroom in Your Apartment Home Should Be Designed with Their Input in Mind

When moving from one apartment complex to your brand new community here at Harborside Village, you’re going to want to consider your child’s input about how their bedroom should look. This can help transition their move to Harborside Village seamlessly, especially since they’ll have a newly-designed bedroom centered around their design concept. For example, does your child want Minecraft-themed bedding in their room? Or, perhaps they are interested in incorporating a standing desk into their space for virtual homework? While you’re ultimately the key decision maker, it’s important to factor in their opinion while ensuring that your decorations uphold our apartment unit rules.

Thinking of Painting? Consider Sticking to Neutrals

Instead of opting to paint any spaces within your unit, consider sticking to the neutral paints that we’ve chosen for each individual apartment unit. Since neutral paint colors allow for a seamless transition between seasonal decorations, childhood interests, and different phases of one’s life where you prefer specific color palettes – it’s best to stick to your neutral paint palette that we’ve incorporated within your apartment home. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about perfectly painting over your space when your lease ends! 

Use Your Space Wisely

While all of our floor plans are incredibly spacious, it’s essential in any design scheme to use your designated space wisely. For example, is your child’s workspace going to be within their bedroom or in the living room? Does your child need an art station set up in their room, or do they prefer a functional space to lounge with their friends? By using every square foot of your space wisely, your child can make the most of their bedroom.  This can also help contribute to good feng shui throughout your apartment home

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