How to Live at Home During Your Remodel

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Instead of putting off your remodel until you can afford a hotel stay, consider staying at home.

Instead of putting off your remodel until you can afford a hotel stay, consider living at home. Remember, always discuss your decisions that concern the remodel with your contractor, including whether you will be staying on the property or not. Here are a few tips to make life at home during a remodel safe.

The Basics

During any remodel, it is vital to seal off the area being remodeled to prevent debris and dust from affecting the rest of the home. Some common barriers are pole zip-wall or magnetic wall systems. These barriers will keep pets and children from entering the work area. Another layer of protection against dust infiltrating your house is an air filter with a HEPA filter. Close off your air ducts from that room and the surrounding area of the house. As with any remodel involving a kitchen or bathroom, the contactor may turn your water off during the day. Make sure to communicate with your contractor about when this is happening so you will be prepared. 

Bathroom Remodel

If you have more than one bathroom, then you are set. However, if you only have one shower in your house and it is a part of the remodel, ask your contractor about setting up a temporary shower. If your toilet is a part of the remodel, talk with your contractor about making sure the toilet is ready for use by the end of each workday. 

Kitchen Remodel

For this long remodel, set up a temporary kitchen. To do this, you will need a microwave, one-or-two burner hotplate, toaster oven, instant pot, and a coffee maker. Instead of only using disposable silverware and cookware, consider a portable dishwasher. Your contractor will be able to connect a sink in another part of your house, so you have access to water during your remodel. 

Dealing with Noise

Naturally, modern construction barriers block a lot of noise. Make sure they are sealed to prevent any sound from breaking through. If you can not handle the noisy construction, consider scheduling your time around the contracting schedule. Noise-canceling headphones and earplugs are also great options.

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