3 Tips For Getting To Know Your Apartment Neighbors

Check out these three tips for getting to know your apartment neighbors.

Check out these three tips for getting to know your apartment neighbors.

Everyone wants to have a good relationship with their neighbors, but it can be difficult to make the first steps and establish a connection. Whether you are moving into a new apartment or have been a part of your community for years, we all need a little help breaking the ice with our neighbors. Continue reading for a few tips for getting to know your apartment neighbors!

Introduce Yourself

The first step to making a relationship with anyone is to introduce yourself! Smile at your neighbors in the hallways and greet everyone with a wave or handshake. We are all in such a hurry that we overlook this step- but it just takes a few minutes to start a friendship! Ask a few questions to get to know them, and maybe exchange numbers if you feel comfortable doing so. Having a good relationship with your neighbors involves being able to text or call with any issues or help you may need.

Connect Online

Many people communicate via social media, and it can be a great way to reach out to new friends. Use an apartment community app such as NextDoor, or simply send a friend request on Facebook or Instagram. The Facebook page for your apartment is often a great place to make friends, as people can post photos or ideas for the community.

Go To Events

Another way to meet your neighbors in-person is to go to as many events as possible! Many apartment complexes put on their own events for movie nights, activities, holiday competitions, and more. There may also be a social night on the schedule, which is perfect for meeting new neighbors from all around the community! You are sure to find someone that you share a common interest with, and may find a new friend to go to a yoga class with or to watch a TV show one night a week. If your apartment allows pets, you may even find a neighbor to join you and your dog on a walk or a trip to the park.

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