How To Be A Good Apartment Neighbor

Learn how to be the best apartment neighbor!

Learn how to be the best apartment neighbor!

Living in a luxury apartment like Harborside Village is the dream for many people, but a bad neighbor can ruin that dream. A bad neighbor can cause stress and disruption for many people, and no one wants to live in a space that brings negativity. Continue reading to learn how to be the best apartment neighbor and keep your apartment building a positive and relaxing space for everyone!

Noise Level

Living in an apartment means that you must be courteous of your neighbors, and understand how living in close proximity to others affects their lives. Having a noisy neighbor is one of the most common complaints in apartment buildings, as many don’t take into account how loud they’re being and how many people can hear.

For example, it’s bad etiquette to complete a loud home improvement project past 8 pm, as others in your building will likely be bothered by hearing hammers in the evening. Also, while you may be an early riser and like to get your day started at 5 or 6 am, know that the majority of your building is still asleep and will be bothered if you make a lot of noise that early.

General Good Neighbor Tips

  • Get to know your neighbors! While you don’t have to be best friends with all of your neighbors, it’s nice to have a friendly conversation and make an extra effort to get to know them. Also, having a few neighbors’ phone numbers is always a good idea.
  • Try your best not to borrow things for neighbors frequently, and always return items as soon as you’re finished with them. If an accident occurs and you break a borrowed item, apologize immediately and pay to fix it or replace it.
  • Occasionally, neighbor disputes happen, but try to work it out in person rather than leaving passive-aggressive notes. Also, only call the police if it is absolutely necessary and you feel threatened.
  • If your apartment allows pets, remember to be extremely responsible for them. Don’t let your cat or dog wander around the building or on other’s lawns, and always pick up after them.
  • Welcome new neighbors to the building, and go out of your way to make them feel welcome. Whether you offer to babysit, bring a few meals, or give them a list of all the important services and phone numbers in the area, helping new renters feel invited, and at-home is what being a good neighbor is all about!

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