4 Tips for Furnishing Your New Apartment

tips for furnishing a new apartment

When furnishing a new apartment, make use of multi-functional seating and shelving.

Furnishing a new apartment can often be a challenge. This is because apartments often have size limitations, you likely have a specific budget to follow, and there may be restrictions on your lease as to what you can and cannot do. However, these limitations do not mean that you cannot furnish your new apartment in a way that suits and satisfies you. By following the four tips below, you can be sure to design an apartment that suits you perfectly. 

Don’t Forget the Essential Furniture

There are some pieces of furniture that you must have in a new apartment, regardless of its size or your budget. Of course, you can always get craft and flexible with how you select these essential items. These items include: 

  • Furniture for you and visitors to sit on
  • A table and chairs for dining or chairs to go with your kitchen island
  • A surface for sleeping. A sleeper sofa or futon can double as a seating area for visitors. 
  • Some storage furniture to contain other belongings. 

Choose Multi-Functional Furniture

When you are furnishing your new apartment, consider multi-functionality and flexibility in the furniture you select. A few examples of multi-functional furniture include: 

  • A table at which you can eat but also work
  • Use shelves to store items as well as break up space by acting as a room divider. This is especially useful in a studio apartment
  • A coffee table that has a trunk or lots of storage space

Invest in Storage Furniture

Creative storage is essential for a new apartment, as small spaces can quickly become overrun with clutter. There are many pieces of furniture out there that can come with storage spaces built-in, including: 

  • Beds with either pull-out drawers underneath, or is high enough for totes and bins to fit underneath
  • Nightstands and accent tables with shelves
  • Storage ottomans, which can double as seating and end tables.
  • Dining tables with drawers, room dividers with shelves, and coffee tables with drawers or shelves
  • Some sofas or sofa beds have storage options
  • Vertical storage in floating shelves can help keep clutter in control. 

Personalize with Accessories

Once you have the essentials in place and clutter stored away, you can dress up your space and add your personality to your new apartment. These final touches will help your apartment feel like home. A few cozy accessories you could select include: 

  • Floor lamps, which free up counter space on end tables
  • Rugs and hanging tapestries
  • Curtains can soften the space and muffle noise from neighbors and the street
  • Wall decals, posters, and paintings can dress up walls if you aren’t allowed to repaint. 

Once you have furnished your new apartment and added a few choice accessories, you are ready to start making this new place a home. 

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