How to Grow Herbs in Your Apartment

grow herbs in your apartment

Wondering how to grow herbs in your apartment? It’s easy! Start with an herb you will use a lot, like basil.

If you live in an apartment, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice having a garden. If you have a small balcony or fire escape, or several window ledges, you can create your own apartment garden. If you haven’t grown plants in your apartment before, why not start with herbs? These are easy plants to grow in small spaces, they smell and look great, and you can cook with them. If you are looking to develop a green thumb, or want to add some more natural ingredients to your meals, learning how to grow herbs in your apartment can be a great new hobby worth undertaking. 

Start Small

If you are new to growing herbs, or you have limited space, start with just two or three herbs and select the ones you believe you will use the most. For instance, herbs like basil or oregano are frequently used in Italian dishes; if you find you are often buying them at the store, you can plant your own herbs instead. You will be much more motivated to take care of an herb you use. 

Pick the Right Location

To successfully grow herbs in your apartment, you must give them as much natural light as possible. In an apartment, you can place them in a sunny spot near a window or on a balcony where they can get six hours of daily sun. 

Give Your Herbs Room to Grow

Select pots that are at least six inches in diameter as you prepare to grow herbs in your apartment. This will leave plenty of room for the herbs to expand and grow. You should also give every herb its own pot because every plant has different conditions in which it thrives. 

Inspect Herbs for Pests

Make sure to check your herbs regularly for pests like spider mites, whiteflies, and aphids. If you find an infestation, move the plant away from the other herbs and then decide if it’s worth keeping. It is okay to replace an infected plant, but you want to make sure your herbs are insect-free if you plan on eating them. 

Don’t Overwater

The biggest mistake new gardeners can sometimes make is to overwater their herbs. If the leaves turn yellow, you are likely watering too much. Another major watering mistake is focusing the water on the plant leaves rather than the soil. Watering the leaves can lead to the growth of fungus, which you do not want. 

Use High-Quality Potting Soil

As you grow herbs in your apartment, you should still give the plants high-quality soil even as they grow in pots. Don’t use soil from outdoors, though, as that can easily bring unwanted pests into your home. 

Make Sure Your Herbs Have Well-Drained Soil

Make sure you grow herbs in your apartment with well-drained soil. Every pot should have a draining saucer, into which you can let water drain. Then, you should empty the saucer, so it’s dry. Leaving your plants to sit in water can cause root rot, which kills the plant. 

Despite all these tips, growing herbs in your apartment is quite easy. It’s an excellent way to add more natural ingredients to your food, and a fun hobby that can help you feel a little more in touch with the natural world. 

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