Apartment How-To: Choosing the Right Art

luxury-apartment-artWhether you’re just settling in to your new luxury apartment or looking to revamp your old one, the right piece of art can make any space feel personal. Browsing options can be incredibly intimidating. There are the famous standbys, expensive gallery pieces and seemingly endless online options. A random street artist may have the perfect portrait for your home or you may want to stick to a colorful Picasso. With a few considerations, you can narrow down the field to a specific color, genre or subject and give life to your luxury apartment.

Match your art to your personality

Think about the way you decorated the rest of your apartment. Determine whether you like a more modern aesthetic or you prefer your home to have a romantic feel. Do you fill your home with off-beat, quirky items or do you like to keep it very traditional? Answering these sorts of questions can help you iron out a direction and nail down a few key words to help in your search.

Pick a color family

Ask yourself what role you want your new artwork to serve. Art can tie a room together, make a bold statement or provide a talking point in a living room. If you are looking to brighten up a neutral space, look for a bright, dynamic piece. Choose a black and white photo to continue with the theme of a mono-tone room. Perhaps you want a painting that promotes calm and relaxation in your bedroom. Art with cool colors like blues and greens can help you achieve this.

Choosing a winner

Once you have a few pieces in mind to turn your luxury apartment into your own unique space, picking one can be tough. One option is to choose them all. Create a little gallery in your home with creative wall hanging and framing.

If you’re really just looking for one, trust your gut. Trendy works can be tempting, but phases come and go. Look at each one and think about which evokes the most feeling or really makes you think. The most important thing about adding art to your apartment is to make it personal.

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