Live Close to Work: The Benefits of a Short Commute

Are you sick of the sluggish pace of your morning commute? You’re not the only one- over 10 million Americans spend an hour or more each way traveling to work, which can take a serious toll on your time and finances. Devoting a chunk of your day to commuting means giving up valuable family, work, and entertainment time, not to mention how the long driving hours mean more gas, oil, and car repair expenses to contend with. So what is the solution? Read on to find out how you can shorten your commute- in style!

Benefits-of-Short-CommuteLive in a Luxury Apartment Close to the Office

Chances are, you will not be able to move your job closer to your home. But you can move your home closer to your job when you move in to one of the luxury apartments of Harborside Village! For Harford County residents, Harborside provides an ideal place to live with easy access to major commuting routes, including I-95 and Route 40. The top-notch amenities offered by luxury apartment living are all the more appealing when you know you’ll have the time to enjoy them- and you will when by moving in, you shorten your commute!

A shorter commute has been shown to take a toll not only on expenses, but on your well-being as well. Understandably, a longer commute can lead to fatigue, frustration, and stress, which can in turn affect your enjoyment of your daily life, even on days when you are not commuting! Double your ways of de-stressing: move closer to work and enjoy a better quality of life at the Harborside Village Apartments. With a full range of amenities including a private washer and dryer, spacious walk-in closets, swimming pool, fitness center, and easy access to some of the best that Harford County has to offer, you’ll reach the next level of fine living when you move in to your luxury apartment. Get in touch today for more details!

Harborside Village Apartments are beautiful waterfront luxury apartments located on the picturesque Gunpowder Cove! To learn more about Harborside Village, please give us a call at 410-679-1130 or send us an email at [email protected]. You can also request a brochure to learn more about life at Harborside Village on our website!

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