Bringing Feng Shui into Your Apartment Bathroom

apartment bathroom

Think of your apartment bathroom as your place to recharge, rest, cleanse your body, and create a spa-like surrounding that supports good feng shui.

Feng shui is centered around the philosophy of creating a natural flow throughout your living environment to create a harmonious living space and bring forth a peaceful balance. The concept of feng shui originated from a Chinese poem that discusses all life being connected to the exterior world, thus the importance of incorporating feng shui decorating techniques. Interior decorators have implemented feng shui techniques for decades to create flowing living spaces, and this ancient decorating technique can be used to generate a figurative “flow” of energy throughout your apartment space. Think of your bathroom space in your apartment as your place to recharge, rest, cleanse your body, and create a spa-like surrounding that supports good feng shui. Here’s a few tips to bring feng shui into your apartment bathroom.

Hang a Mirror on Your Apartment Bathroom Door

Hanging a mirror from your apartment bathroom door is thought to create good feng shui by elevating your space inside of the bathroom. The mirror can trick the mind into viewing your bathroom as a bigger space, bring forth more light into your bathroom, and also provide you with an additional opportunity to come face-to-face with yourself to ensure you’re always looking your best. To avoid potential mirror mishaps within your apartment space, search for a mirror that comes with built-in hooks that go over your door frame. This way, you won’t have to worry about a mirror falling!

Bring Plants Into Your Bathroom

Bright, green, indoor plants can help your apartment bathroom feel like an indoor greenhouse. By tending to your green thumb and watering your indoor plants on an as-needed basis, you can create good feng shui within your bathroom through the growth of new plant life. Any addition of natural elements can also help ground you back into the natural world, an essential element of feng shui decorating. 

Declutter and Remove Expired Products

Feng shui is all about the natural progression of life moving forward and energy flowing. In a figurative sense, expired products hanging around your bathroom can represent past energy that hasn’t been let go. Go through your bathroom supplies and donate products that you no longer need to a shelter that may use them instead. For expired products, empty them and recycle them to give back to society. In feng shui beliefs, everything you store within your apartment can affect your overall health and mental wellbeing. Thus, by eliminating products you no longer need, you are letting go of unnecessary energy. The result? Your bathroom is organized, clean, and full of vital products that you’ll use. 

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