Energy Saving Tips For Apartment Renters

Check out these energy saving tips for apartment renters to use this summer!

Check out these energy saving tips for apartment renters to use this summer!

It’s almost summer once again, which means homes and apartments across Maryland are turning the air conditioning back on. Unfortunately, this often comes with high energy costs for renters. Check out these energy saving tips to stay cool this summer without breaking your budget!

Try Alternatives To AC

Air conditioning units can be very bulky and loud, not to mention expensive to run. The good news is that there are many alternative products on the market that are much more cost-effective, with the power to cool a small apartment. Search the web for cooling cubes, a cool misting fan, and energy-efficient high powered fans that consume much less power than old-fashioned fans. Also, look into a cooling mattress pad and pillow to fall asleep comfortably without the AC blasting all night.

Energy Efficiency Setting

While these products are helpful for cooling down smaller spaces, you may still want a steady stream of cold air from the AC in your apartment. When that is the case, look for an energy efficient unit, or program your existing unit to energy efficient settings. If you own an older AC unit, they don’t have the technology that today’s units have, but they often have sleep timers and energy efficient settings to turn off when the temperature is cold enough.

If you’re on the market for a new eco-friendly unit, look for ones with programmable settings (technology today allows you to connect appliances to your smartphone), two-stage compressors to reduce energy use, and a unit of the right size. While you may think that smaller units are more affordable, they actually take more power to cool down large rooms.

Easy Tips

In addition to appliances and products, there are many things you can do to cool your apartment without using any electricity. Window treatments and curtains tend to draw in more heat, especially dark colors. Opt for white, light fabrics for your curtains, and spray the drapes with cold water and open your windows. Even on a warm day, the breeze will allow the curtains to cool the air in the room.

On really hot days and nights, some people like to put their pajamas and sheets in the freezer for a few minutes before bed. This is an easy and quick way to lower your body temperature and makes falling asleep much easier.

Lastly, houseplants have many benefits for apartment owners, and they can even help to lower temperatures. While the temperature won’t drop significantly, plants that require a lot of sunlight will help to take in some of the heat in your home.

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