Five Benefits Of Renters Insurance For Your Apartment Home

Harborside Village Apartments Renters Insurance

Are you currently renting your home or apartment? Renters insurance can cover your belongings in case of loss, damage, or destruction from burglaries, fires, and tornadoes. Additionally, it can protect you from liability and financial loss if someone is injured while on your rental property. Here are the top five reasons why you should consider getting renters insurance.

Protection For Your Things 

Taking inventory of your belongings is a wise decision. In an unfortunate incident, it is essential to consider how you would replace expensive electronics such as smartphones, smartwatches, laptops, tablets, TVs, and gaming systems. Additionally, it is necessary to assess the value of your clothing and footwear, which could amount to hundreds or thousands of dollars. Your furniture should also be considered, including sofas, tables, chairs, beds, mattresses, and recliners. Renters insurance is an effective way to cover all of these personal belongings and more.

Liability Coverage

Renters must prepare for unforeseen events like a guest getting hurt in their rented space. If you cannot cover their medical bills, you may be vulnerable to legal action. This could occur if your pet bites someone, a gathering gets out of control, or someone slips and falls into your apartment. To safeguard yourself and your possessions from such circumstances, purchasing renters insurance is a smart idea. This policy will ensure you’re covered up to the liability limit outlined in your agreement, giving you peace of mind.

You Have Your Coverage

It is a common misconception among tenants that their landlord’s insurance would safeguard them, but this is untrue. While the landlord is insured for the physical structure of the rental property, as the owner of the home or apartment building, their insurance does not extend to cover the personal belongings of the tenants residing inside.

Additional Living Expenses Are Covered

If your rental home or apartment is damaged and cannot be lived in while repairs are being made, your renter’s insurance policy may cover the additional expenses you incur. For instance, if your monthly rent is $900 and you are unable to stay in your apartment for the next month while it gets repaired, your renter’s insurance policy may cover the additional living expenses you incur while staying in a hotel, eating meals out, and so on, over and above the $900 monthly rent.

Renter’s Insurance Is Affordable

Did you know that renters insurance is quite affordable? In the United States, the average monthly premium ranges from $15 to $30, depending on the location of your rental unit and the size of your possessions. You can cover all your belongings and liability for the exact cost of two movie tickets, so it’s worth considering.

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