What Separates An Apartment Bedroom From A Den?

harborside-village-apartment-bedroomWhen looking for a new place to live, listings often tell you how many bedrooms and bathrooms an apartment has. But sometimes you’ll come across a listing that mentions a “den” in addition to the usual rooms. But what exactly is a den, and how is it different from a bedroom or living room? Continue reading to learn more about these specifics and how to maximize your space.

Apartment Bedrooms Are Usually Common

Bedrooms are designed for sleeping and must meet specific building codes for safety. They have two exit points, including at least one door and window. They also typically have closets or are attached to a walk-in closet and must meet minimum square footage requirements.

What Is An Apartment Den

A den in an apartment is a versatile space that can be used for various purposes. It is smaller than a bedroom or living room and may not meet the criteria to be labeled as a bedroom. Dens may not have windows or closets, which makes them less desirable for use as a primary sleeping area, but they offer flexibility for other needs. You can transform your den into a home office, a study area for your children, or even a home theater space. Some people may use their den as a guest room, adding a sofa bed to accommodate temporary visitors. Also, you can turn your den into a hobby room with all your painting, crafting, or reading supplies.

A Den Is Similar To An Additional Living Room?

A living room is much more expansive and is used for entertaining guests, watching television, or spending time with family. It’s usually one of the first rooms you enter in your apartment and can be decorated to make a good impression. Living rooms are designed to fit large furniture like sofas, armchairs, and coffee tables. On the other hand, a den is usually more versatile and simple. It doesn’t have the formal air of a living room and is often used for more individualized activities like reading or working. Dens may not have large windows or elaborate decor but are usually more functional and personalized to suit individual needs.

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