Helpful Tips For Decorating Your Apartment Living Room

 Check out these helpful tips for decorating your apartment living room!

Check out these helpful tips for decorating your apartment living room!

If your apartment living room is on the smaller side, you may think it’s too difficult to design. It’s true that designing a small living space isn’t always easy, but we have plenty of tips that will help you create a stylish room in no time!

Furniture That Doubles As Storage

In any small space, having enough storage is a common issue. When shopping for living room furniture, do your best to choose items that have multiple uses, and have plenty of room for extra storage. For example, rather than a bulky TV stand, seek out a vintage dresser. The vintage feel adds a nice charm to any room, and the draws have much more storage room than average TV stands. A large chest also makes a great seat or even a coffee table, and allows for storage of shoes, blankets, or anything else you want to store away!

Gallery Wall

If your apartment comes with shelves built into a living room wall, make the most out of it by bringing in design elements and color! You can also build the gallery wall yourself, or buy a large open bookcase as a focal point for the room. This is the perfect place for knick-knacks, plants, photographs, books, and anything else that brings your own style and personality to the space.

Area Rugs

If you have a small living room, you may think that you can get away with purchasing a small area rug. However, small rugs tend to make the room look even smaller, while big rugs expand the room and make it feel much larger. A good place to put the rug is in the center of the room under a coffee table. If your living room is already carpeted, don’t worry- area rugs over carpet works just as well!

Go Vertical

Another easy way to increase space in a small room is to add vertical storage. Making the most out of the room’s height allows the eye to look upwards and take in the whole room, making it appear larger. Also, skinny, vertical storage shelves save a lot of floor space compared to bulky items.

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