How to Host Father’s Day at Your Apartment


fathers day luxury apartment

Your apartment may be the perfect place to impress your dad with a Father’s Day meal.

Father’s Day is here and it’s the perfect day to plan a beautiful brunch or have a

delicious dinner. However, restaurants are packed and take-out simply won’t do for

your dad! Here are some great tips for creating a Father’s Day experience at your

apartment, without the long lines and headaches of a day out of the house.


Host a Tie Drive in Your Father’s Honor

Many dads dread the thought of receiving yet another tie for Father’s Day, on top of

their existing tie collection. If you have many fathers that live in your apartment

community, consider hosting a tie drive to collect ties for fathers who are in need.

Donating gently used dress shirts and ties can give uniform or interview-ready

clothes to many men in your immediate community and make a huge difference.

Your dad will appreciate you hosting this event in his honor much more than yet

another tie.


Play with Words

Pop is an incredibly common term for fathers, so why not use some wordplay for the

gifts that you give to your father? Make gift tags that say “You’re the Best, Pop!” or

similar sayings and tie them around different bottles of soda pop and popcorn. Does

your dad enjoy the finer things in life? Opt for gourmet popcorn and unique craft

soda pops. Is your dad simple? Go with good-quality buttered popcorn and classic

sodas. Your dad will appreciate the effort, the snacks he received, and the cheesy

dad joke on the tag.


Make a Great Card

Cards can be incredibly meaningful, or incredibly meaningless. Instead of making a

last-minute trip to the grocery store to search for a card, take the time to make one

on your own. If you aren’t crafty, use an app on your computer to design and print

the card. If you are feeling brave and artistic, consider drawing or painting the card



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