The Best BBQ Grills for Apartment Living

Grilling Utensils

For apartment dwellers, there are great grill options for summer entertaining!

Summer heat is here! One of the simplest ways to beat the heat in the summer is to

cook outside. When you cook outside on the grill, you don’t heat up your home and

your air conditioner doesn’t have to work so hard to cool things off. It’s actually

very energy efficient! A lot of people don’t think they can grill if they live in an

apartment, but that’s not the case for all communities. Here are a few grills to keep

in mind when you’re searching for the perfect place to BBQ this summer. (Be sure to

check your community’s guidelines before searching!)



A 20lb. steel tank typically holds about 4.7 gallons of propane. Some companies

offer a service where you can trade your empty used tanks for filled ones. If you’re a

member of a wholesale club, you can take your empty tank there to fill it cheaper.


  •  Heats up fast
  •  Easy to clean
  •  More control over temperature


  •  More expensive
  •  Usually takes up more space
  •  Requires refillable tanks



If you’re a traditionalist when it comes to your BBQ food, this is the grill for you!


  •  Infuses foods with a smoky flavor
  •  Ability to sear and blacken foods
  •  Usually the cheapest
  •  Can be made smaller so they’re easier to transport


  •  They usually need quite a bit longer to heat up properly.
  •  Burns hotter and harder to control
  •  Can’t be turned off



Electric grills are the safest of these options. They are also the ones that are most

likely to be allowed by your rental community.


  •  Heats quickly
  •  The only fuel required is an electrical outlet.
  •  Perfect if your only outdoor space is a small balcony


  •  No smoky flavor
  •  Doesn’t get hot enough to sear or blacken food


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