How to: Share your Apartment with a Dog

dog-apartment-livingIt can be tough to keep a dog happy in the small space provided by an apartment. Most canine companions are big fans of the outdoors, and an apartment doesn’t usually come with a back yard for roaming. This means that your pup will need walks often, and leaving him or her home while you’re at work can be extra tough. Cohabitating with your pooch can be a little bit stressful when you live in an apartment, but it is far from impossible.

Leaving for the day

One of the toughest things to master when you’ve got a new pup in a new place is how to make sure they don’t get into trouble when you leave them home alone. Coming home to a capsized trash can and shredded clothing is a dog owner’s worst nightmare. Some opt for crate training, which can be an excellent option. A crate serves as your dog’s personal space, where they feel especially safe. It will also ensure that your dog doesn’t have access to your belongings while you are away. You’ll know exactly what to expect when you arrive home from work.

If you’re going to try to leave your pup free in your home, take a few steps to get them free-range ready. Take a long walk or run in the morning before you leave for work. This will help tire your dog out for a while and it’ll give you an excuse to sneak in some exercise. Leave puzzling toys around the house to keep them busy while you’re gone, and make sure there aren’t targets like food or shoes readily available for destruction. Close doors so your dog is limited to a particular space.

Daycares and dog walkers

Leaving your dog cooped up for eight hours of every day isn’t ideal. They’ll go a little stir crazy, and you’ll come home to a jazzy pooch that’s demanding a little play time. Doggie daycares and dog walkers can be pricey, but they are a great investment to make. After a bit of careful research, you’ll be able to find a great daycare or walker to give your dog a bit of mid-day activity. Many dog walkers can even pick your pup up at your apartment. Even if you can only afford to have your dog out and about for one day of the week, it’ll make a difference, and you won’t have to worry about them tearing up your apartment.

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