Apartment How-To: Have a Successful Move-In Day

move-in-day-apartmentsSigning a new lease for a luxury apartment is one of the most exciting days of your life. You can start imagining where you’ll put your personal items, and visualizing your new life in your new space. Once move-in day rolls around, the luster will surely wear off. It’s hard to imagine any sort of peaceful life when all of your belongings are in boxes across town. Whether you’ve enlisted a few super helpful friends to aid you on move-in day, or you decided to hire movers, you’ll need an organized plan to ensure that everything goes smoothly and that settling in will be an easy task.

Tips for Easy Move-In

  • Pack ahead of time. There will be some small items that you need up until the day of move-in, but ideally, everything else should be packed and ready to move prior to the actual day. Extras like medication, toiletries, and phone chargers should be put in a separate priority box that you have easy access to.
  • Keep your helpers happy. Some sweet humans have decided to give up an entire day to help your family move your entire life across town. They deserve a little appreciation. Paid workers hold the fate of many of your fragile belongings in their hands. Set up a cooler with drinks and light snacks to help everyone get through the day.
  • Make sure that your children and pets have a place to go. Move-in day can be even tougher when you’re trying to keep track of your little ones or pets. Designate someone to take care of them all day, whether that includes keeping an eye on them at the move-in site, or sending them off to daycare for the day.
  • Settle all of your business at your former apartment. Make sure everything is clean ahead of time, so that once everything is out; you can do a simple walk-through and hand over the keys with no problems.
  • Organize your helpers and make sure everyone has contact information and addresses. Make sure you have a plan for all of your boxes, and label boxes so that movers can put everything in the right rooms.
  • Relax when the job is done and enjoy an easy take-out meal with your friends and family in your new apartment.

Harborside Village Apartments

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