Must-Have Amenities for your Luxury Apartment

apartment complexWhen your lease is up and you’re looking to upgrade to a luxury apartment space, you should create a wish list. What location would you prefer? How many bedrooms will you need? How much rent are you willing to pay? These are some of the basic guidelines you’ll need to make your selection. Plenty of places will fall into the right categories for you, so how do you move forward from there? Amenities are the puzzle piece of apartment complexes that really make them feel like home. For luxury apartment seekers, many of these amenities make the wish list.

Popular Amenity Must-Haves

All of the Appliances. Most people rate appliances very high on their list of important amenities. Whether it’s a dishwasher, stove, microwave, refrigerator, or the all important washer and dryer, people are serious. When a luxury apartment comes pre-stacked with a full range of appliances, it saves the renter or buyer some money, time, and effort. These attractive amenities are useful to have directly in your unit, and can seriously make or break your decision.

Outdoor Space. No matter how luxurious an apartment may be, it can seem like a big prison-like box without the addition of some outdoor living space. A patio with a view is an extremely attractive amenity for any apartment. If you find this in a luxury apartment, hold on tight and never let go. You’ve found a true gem. The next best thing is an apartment complex with plenty of recreational space to make up for, or add on to, a patio or balcony. Swimming pools, tennis courts, and courtyards can make great spaces for entertaining, outdoor lounging, and enjoying the sunshine.

Plenty of Storage. Living in an apartment can be tough. They are typically smaller spaces, and often lack storage. When you’re on the hunt for a luxury apartment, be sure to ask about storage space. How big is the pantry? Is there an island in the kitchen? Does it have walk-in closets? All of these are important to consider when you’re looking at a new apartment. You need to be aware of how well your items will fit.

Dog-Friendly Locales. Canine companions are a part of so many families, and many people won’t even consider the possibility of giving them up for an apartment. Once you find a per-friendly place, it’s important to make sure that you’ve got plenty of areas to take your pet on a leisurely walk near-by.

Harborside Village Apartments

When you live at Harborside Village Apartments, you’ll find all of these amenities and more. Harborside Village Apartments are beautiful waterfront luxury apartments located on the picturesque Gunpowder Cove! To learn more about Harborside Village, please give us a call at 410-679-1130 or send us an email at [email protected]. You can also request a brochure to learn more about life at Harborside Village on our website!


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