5 Tips for Living On Your Own for the First Time

living on your own for the first time

Living on your own can become easier when you learn how to be self-reliant and take care of your apartment.

Living on your own for the first time can be a daunting experience. Even if you are moving into a cozy, single-bedroom apartment, you may feel lonely at first or intimidated by all of the responsibilities you now carry alone. However, that feeling often passes once you adjust to the new living situation. As you adjust to living on your own, you can follow the advice of the following tips for living alone and feeling not only independent, but self-reliant, and still connected to friends and family living elsewhere. 

Give Yourself a Sense of Security

If possible, change your locks when you move in. This helps you know that only you have the keys to this new lock. Sometimes apartment landlords will have changed the locks in-between rentals. If you are especially worried about safety, look for a place to live that caters to your security. Research neighborhoods with low crime rates, and seek out apartment complexes that are gated or have security systems in place.

Live Within Your Means

The hardest thing about living alone may be that you are the only one responsible for paying the bills. This will be even harder if you keep spending more than you make. It’s easy to spend a lot without realizing you’re doing it, so it helps to put your budget down on paper. Maintain a monthly budget with concrete figures and keep an eye on your spending while looking for alternative, thriftier shopping options.

Become Self-Reliant

Living on your own can become challenging when you are used to living with family members or friends. By working hard to become self-reliant, and capable of being by yourself, you will feel more competent, independent, and confident in your ability to take care of yourself. You can cultivate self-reliance by: 

  • Learning how to fix a leaky sink
  • Cooking meals for one person and enjoying them
  • Knowing how to relax when you’re stressed
  • Keeping your apartment clean
  • Adopting a pet and taking good care of it

Don’t Isolate Yourself

Many people enjoy living alone because it gives them freedom and removes them from “drama.” However, you could quickly end up isolating yourself from friends or family. To avoid this, make a concerted effort to socialize weekly, if possible. Living on your own will feel a lot less daunting if you know you have a social circle outside of your home to help you out. 

You should also make an effort to get to know your neighbors. You don’t need to be best friends, but establishing a friendly relationship with them is helpful in the long-run. 

Appreciate the Perks

If you are overwhelmed by bills or loneliness, try and remember the perks of living on your own and what the silver lining is. This could be as simple as having more privacy, being able to watch that cheesy TV show your former roommate hated, or it can mean letting the dishes sit for a night without being scolded. When you live on your own, you have the opportunity to create a home you love from the ground up. 

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