How to Maintain Social Distancing in Your Apartment Building

social distancing in an apartment building

Taking the stairs instead of the elevator can help you maintain social distancing in your apartment building.

Due to measures to the COVID-19 virus, people have had to stay inside and away from others as part of “social distancing.” This is easy to do when you live in a standalone home, but it can become much more difficult to maintain social distancing in an apartment building. While building managers at the Apartments of Harborside Village are taking their own steps to keep our residents safe, there are always actions individuals can take to help ensure the continued safety of others. Read on for a few suggestions on how to maintain social distancing while living in an apartment building. 

Take the Stairs Instead of an Elevator

Riding an elevator forces you into a cramped space where you may find yourself in close quarters with others, as well as touching surfaces that could harbor germs. If you are able, you are better off avoiding your building’s elevator and selecting the stairs instead. This way, you at least have more room to distance yourself from others. 

Don’t Get on a Crowded Elevator

While it can be easy to skip the elevator if you live a few floors up, if you live past the fourth or fifth floor, taking an elevator might be the more comfortable option. However, if you find yourself in a crowded elevator, you should get off and wait for a new one. Alternatively, if the elevator doors open and it’s already crowded, wait for the next one. This can be mildly annoying, sure, but it’s safer to comfortably wait rather than climb ten flights or be up close and personal with others’ germs. 

Maintain a Distance From Workers

We recommend trying to keep a safe distance from the essential workers of the apartment building. This includes contractors, mail, and other delivery carriers who need to visit lots of locations in one day. If you have a question for them, please maintain social distancing. Additionally, if you see a mail carrier delivering a package or mail for you, let them drop it off and leave before you go to retrieve your mail, so both of you maintain a safe distance. 

While some of these tasks may seem annoying at first, making these relatively small adjustments can help you prevent the dangerous sharing of germs in your apartment building. It may seem awkward now, but your building managers and your neighbors will appreciate that you care about their health as well as your own. 

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