The Best Plants for Summer

Harborside Village Best Indoor Plants for Summer

Summer is the perfect time to add new foliage to your apartment.

Not all plants are suited for apartment life, but there are several beautiful ones that even beginners can care for. Whether you’re looking to bring a little nature indoors or add greenery to your apartment balcony, there are some great plants to brighten up your living space, both inside and out. As the weather warms and the sun stays out longer, it’s a good time to consider the best plants for summer.

String of Pearls

This beautiful creeping succulent will thrive on an outdoor balcony and it rarely ever needs to be watered. Trim it whenever it gets too long to keep it looking beautiful, and that’s all the maintenance it needs. You can even keep the cuttings and give them as gifts for others to cultivate. It can be a fun experience for children as well as adults to grow a plant for the first time.

Peace Lily

Peace lilies are fascinating plants that look amazing while cleaning the air of your indoor space. Put them near a window to get some light if you want more blooms of the white leaves that make this plant such a conversation starter. It only needs light watering to keep the soil from completely drying out, but it is not too sensitive when it comes to overwatering and underwatering. If you’re a beginner, this is a great plant to start with and get a feel for how it behaves. You’ll eventually know exactly what it needs when and it will brighten up your living space.


Calathea plants produce stunning broad leaves that will add a touch of interest to your apartment. These plants thrive in indirect sunlight, and they only need to be watered once every week or two depending on how quickly the soil dries out. These are another good option for beginners as they are more tolerant to care mistakes than some other plants and they look impressive when they are able to thrive and grow.

Red Aglaonema

These cool plants have bright red broad leaves with green edges, making them an eye-catching addition to your apartment. This is another plant that does well in indirect sunlight and does not need excessive watering. Water until the top of the soil is wet and then leave it until it dries out. Place it by a window for more growth and more depth of color for a very impressive houseplant that will have everyone talking. 


If you’re looking for an indoor plant that blooms, the Begonia is a great option. These are able to thrive even in low light conditions, making them an ideal candidate for apartment living. They need a moderate amount of water but will suffer if overwatered so it’s better to water cautiously until you get a feel for what your Begonia likes best. Add a little fertilizer to enjoy a lot of blooms over the summer months. Begonias love heat, so they might be a bit sleepy until the hottest months arrive when they’ll explode into beautiful flowery blooms. They also come in a variety of colors, so you can find one that matches your decor.

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