Hosting Guests in a Small Space

Harborside Village Hosting in a Small Space

Living in a small space doesn’t have to limit your ability to host great gatherings.

Living in an apartment does not have to limit your ability to host an amazing gathering. When you love to entertain, having to live in a small space might seem like a death sentence. Thankfully, there are clever ways to maximize your space and its utility so you can have as many guests as you want and still ensure that everyone has a great time.

Furniture That Moves

One of the best tricks to hosting a gathering in a small space is having furniture you can move to accommodate your guests. Modular furniture can be a huge help with this, as it is made to move around and be adjusted to your needs. Being able to shuffle around your furniture will allow you to accommodate a food station, drink station, guests, and even a place to play games.


Don’t be afraid to utilize your resources in new and unusual ways. If you have a small fridge, put ice in your shower, tub, or sink to store drinks and keep them cool. During a winter gathering, if you’re on the ground floor you can even pop them into the snow outside! Don’t limit yourself to conventions when working with a small space, find other ways to utilize every inch you have.

Supplies That Store

If you like to host often, you might experience a build-up of party supplies. When dealing with a small space, opt for party supplies that can be easily stored. A folding table that can be stashed under the couch is always a good option, as well as things like nesting bowls and cups you can stack. Don’t stress about serving wine in your juice cups, your guests will still enjoy it.


For some things, it’s better to outsource. Have guests bring food, drinks, or even large supplies you can’t store in your space. Do theme nights and baking competitions that ease the burden on you as the host and create a different and fun party dynamic. Getting a little help from friends gives you more options without sacrificing storage space or having to buy more supplies yourself.

Tailor Your Menu

Tailor your menu to the gathering type. Think about whether guests will be standing or sitting, whether they’ll be at a table or sitting on the furniture, and what kinds of activities you’ll be doing. A sit-down dinner party can be simplified with a one-pot dish that’s eaten at the table, but a birthday party that has more erratic activity will benefit from foods that are easy to eat such as bite-sized sandwiches that can be grabbed as people are on the move.

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