10 Quiet Exercises That Won’t Annoy Your Apartment Neighbors

Harborside Village Quiet Exercises

If you prefer working out at home but live in an apartment, there are quiet exercises you can do to tone up while keeping the noise level down.

Summer is fast-approaching and some of us are thinking we’re still a bit too fluffy from our winter indulgences and sedentary lifestyle. If the apartment gym is always full and you don’t want to deal with a gym membership, it doesn’t mean you can’t work out in your apartment. There are many quiet exercises you can do that won’t annoy your apartment neighbors.


An old favorite for arm and core strength, push-ups are very good for your body while being quiet enough to do in an upper-floor apartment without agitating a downstairs neighbor. If you have access to a full-length mirror, it can help you see your form and keep you from arching too much so you get the full intensity of the workout.


If you really want to push your core to the limit, sit-ups will get you there. Having a yoga mat to do these on is preferable because it will keep you more comfortable than arching your spine into a hard floor. If you don’t have a partner to exercise with, slip your feet under a low piece of furniture such as a couch to hold them while you do this workout.


Squats simultaneously work all of your glutes, but they don’t just tone your backside. They’re great for strengthening the tendons and muscles in your legs which takes the strain off of your knees and ankles. You can do these in a tiny space without making a sound, making them a great option for apartment dwellers.

Wall Squats

If you want to shake it up, wall squats are an easy way to do it. This exercise works the same areas as regular squats, but it also engages your core for an added element. You can hold weights, or even heavy household objects such as canned food or laundry detergent, to bring your arms into the mix and get a full-body workout. This exercise is also a good option for beginners who are worried they may fall during standard squats.


Lunges are incredibly good for you. This exercise works your back, hips, and legs for a stronger, more stable body. Lunges also have several variations, all of which can be tried at some point to keep your routine fresh and interesting. Once you’ve mastered all the variations, rotate them between workouts so you don’t get bored doing the same one over and over.


Once you’ve done your squats and lunges, it’s time for planks. Squats and lunges build body stability by strengthening the legs, hips, and back. Planks build stability by strengthening your core, so it’s important for your workout routine. If you’re a beginner, try to sustain a 30-second plank. One of the key elements of this exercise is making sure your form is good, otherwise, you won’t reap the full benefits.

Hollow Body Holds

Hollow body holds are good for strengthening your lower back. If you’re someone who regularly experiences lower back pain, this exercise will be your nemesis until it becomes your best friend. This exercise uses the honor system, so it’s up to you to make sure you’re pushing your body to the limit and getting the best possible results.

Front Raises

Front raises require a weight of some kind, so for this exercise, you’ll either want a pair of dumbbells, canned food, or laundry detergent. Anything that’s heavy without being too heavy will work for this exercise. If you use household objects, using canned food is one of the best options if you have two because it ensures the weight is the same for each arm.

Lateral Raises

Lateral raises follow the same rules as front raises, but you’re lifting your arms to the sides instead of in front of you. Both of these exercises target the shoulder and upper arms, but in different ways. When doing raises, it’s important to do different variations to give your arms and shoulders the best all-around workout.

Rear Delt Raises

Rear delt raises differ from front and lateral raises by requiring you to sit down while you do them. These are basically lateral raises, but while you’re seated with your body pitched forward. These add your deltoids into your routine, rounding out your raises and targeting all of the areas around your shoulders, arms, and neck.

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