Tips For Pet-Proofing Your Apartment

Check out these four important tips for pet-proofing your apartment.

Check out these four important tips for pet-proofing your apartment.

Many apartment buildings allow pets, but it is up to the renter to ensure their apartment is comfortable for their furry friends. All owners want their dogs or cats to be happy in a safe environment, and there are a few easy ways to pet-proof your apartment to keep you and your pet happy!

Resting Area

All animals like to have their own place to relax and get comfortable. Your apartment should have a designated spot in the living room or bedroom just for your dog or cat to keep them calm and stress-free. This may include a soft pet bed, their favorite toys, and a cozy blanket to keep them warm. Whether you have a cat that loves to be near the window or a dog that wants to be by your side on the couch, a designated resting area is essential for every apartment with pets!

Keep Them Entertained

Since many people work away from home during the day, your pets will need something to keep them occupied while you’re away. Bored animals result in loud barks or messes, so it’s very important to ensure they have toys to keep them entertained. For dogs, leave a few of his favorite chew toys out to avoid bite marks on your shoes or furniture. For cats, a scratch post is necessary to avoid claw marks on your couch. Also, remember to walk your dogs in the morning and play with them before leaving for work so they will be more likely to rest during the day.

Lock Up Dangerous Objects

Animals can be very curious, so it is critical for all pet-owners to lock up or conceal dangerous objects and food. Before you leave for work, double check that you haven’t left out any food or objects that your pet could reach. For example, keep medications hidden in a drawer and cleaning supplies in secured cabinets. Also, as it was just Halloween, there may be loose pieces of candy and chocolate scattered around the apartment. Chocolate can be very toxic to dogs, so be sure to move it somewhere safe!

Toxic Plants

Did you know that some houseplants are toxic to dogs and cats? Dogs and cats don’t always know to avoid plants that may make them sick, so it’s best to remove the plants for your apartment. However, you can also try to train your pet to stay away from plants and show them that chewing on the leaves is harmful.

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