5 Ways to Keep Your Apartment Warm This Fall

Learn about five ways to keep your apartment warm this fall.

Learn about five ways to keep your apartment warm this fall.

With the cold nights in Maryland, you may have already started turning on your heat to stay warm for the rest of the year. If you want to keep out the cold, here are five ways to keep your apartment warm this fall.

Use Your Curtains

Maximize on the heat generated from the sun throughout the day by opening your curtains. This is especially useful if your apartment faces the sun during most of the day. That heat will make its way through your windows and into your apartment, helping to keep it warmer in the Fall. When the sun sets, keep your curtains shut to help keep the heat inside. This works even better with heavy curtains.   

Use a Timer

Many updated thermostats come with the option to set a timer. When you’re in bed at night, you may not want the heat to be set too high, but when you get up in the morning, you’ll want it to be slightly warmer for your morning shower. Set the timer to about 20 minutes before your alarm goes off so that your apartment will be set to the perfect temperature and you’ll be warm while you’re getting ready.  

Rearrange Your Furniture

If your couch is currently situated directly in front of your radiator or above your vent, then it’s likely blocking the heat from reaching the rest of the room. Consider moving your furniture a little further out into the room so that none of it is absorbing all the heat into the fabric.

Block the Draughts

Have you noticed cool air seeping into your apartment from the front door, patio door, or windows? If you have, find a way to block the cold air from getting in and impacting the warmth inside your apartment. Use a draught excluder or self-adhesive rubber seals to block the airflow around your doors or windows. This is also a great tip to enhance the energy efficiency in your apartment as well.   

Reflect the Heat

Radiator panels are designed to maintain heat in a space and save energy. It’s a simple and inexpensive tool that’s quick and easy to install. They make sure that your radiator is heating the room and not just the walls.    

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